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Posted on March 24, 2015 at 11:40 AM

Recently, our team was posed with a very interesting question regarding the topic of Smudging.  This person wanted to know if we performed this ritual, and if so, how could we justify this act as Christians.  Since we believe that education in the studies of paranormal field is important, and we are not one to let a good opportunity pass us by, we decided that this would make a great topic for our next blog.

We want to begin by briefly explaining a little about ourselves.  When we made the decision to officially form our team, we tossed around a good number of names.  There was one name, however, that kept jumping to the top of the list.  Feeling that there was a good reason for this, we officially became Christian Paranormal Research, fondly called C.P.R..  We are a group of great friends/family that fully believe in our faith, are of both the Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic denominations with some of our members being congregational deacons, and we deeply believe that God guides us and the work we do.  We never discriminate against anyone's belief system and we will assist anyone who requests our assistance.  We do not flaunt or push our faith/beliefs on anyone.  We are and always will be a diversified group of Christians who are drawn to the paranormal field.  We take what we do very seriously and are there 100% for our clients.  This is not a hobby for us.

The term 'Smudging' is the common name for the 'Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing', a traditional spiritual ritual of the Native Americans.  It is considered to be a powerful spiritual cleansing technique which calls upon the spirits to drive away negative energy and restore balance and harmony to an individual, a group, a space or an item.  This tradition has been a part of the spirituality of the Native Americans for well over a thousand years.

Although it is impossible to say exactly when this practice began, history has recorded that this type of ritual is not limited to the Native Americans.   The ritualistic practice of smudging, the making of ritualized smoke, the use of scented smoke or incense is an element common to many cultures and religions across the globe and throughout time.  The actual details and specific spiritual meanings are generally unique to each culture and ceremony.  One can say that whatever name it is called by, the practice connects and runs through endless cultures, religions, and belief systems that have been practiced throughout the millennia!

Modern science has proven that the aroma of sage increases the oxygen supply to the brain thus producing physical relaxation of muscle tension.  In addition, the smoke from herbs actually changes the molecular structure of air and energy, producing a cleansing effect.  Our sense of smell is connected very powerfully to memory and instinct, and the burning of different herbs has been found to be a very effective aroma-therapy agent, especially when combating feelings of depression, anger, fear, frustration, resentment, and grief.  The burning of herbs has also been used as a pesticide as well as a meat preserver.

When a smudging is performed, a smudge stick is used.  This is a bundle of specifically chosen dried herbs that are bound together with a string and is usually a little bigger than the palm of your hand.  Specific herbs are used according to the intention of the smudging.  Before performing a smudging, you should research the practice and have a better understanding of it prior to performing this sacred ritual.  To find out more about the herbs used, there is a lot of information on the internet or you can visit our page of 'friends' on our site and click on the link for Joseph Tittel, the spiritman.  He has a store link there also that will accomodate all of your needs.

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