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Recently, our team was posed with a very interesting question regarding the topic of Smudging.  This person wanted to know if we performed this ritual, and if so, how could we justify this act as Christians.  Since we believe that education in the studies of paranormal field is important, and we are not one to let a good opportunity pass us by, we decided that this would make a great topic for our next blog.

We want to begin by briefly explaining a little about ourselves.  When we made the decision to officially form our team, we tossed around a good number of names.  There was one name, however, that kept jumping to the top of the list.  Feeling that there was a good reason for this, we officially became Christian Paranormal Research, fondly called C.P.R..  We are a group of great friends/family that fully believe in our faith, are of both the Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic denominations with some of our members being congregational deacons, and we deeply believe that God guides us and the work we do.  We never discriminate against anyone's belief system and we will assist anyone who requests our assistance.  We do not flaunt or push our faith/beliefs on anyone.  We are and always will be a diversified group of Christians who are drawn to the paranormal field.  We take what we do very seriously and are there 100% for our clients.  This is not a hobby for us.

The term 'Smudging' is the common name for the 'Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing', a traditional spiritual ritual of the Native Americans.  It is considered to be a powerful spiritual cleansing technique which calls upon the spirits to drive away negative energy and restore balance and harmony to an individual, a group, a space or an item.  This tradition has been a part of the spirituality of the Native Americans for well over a thousand years.

Although it is impossible to say exactly when this practice began, history has recorded that this type of ritual is not limited to the Native Americans.   The ritualistic practice of smudging, the making of ritualized smoke, the use of scented smoke or incense is an element common to many cultures and religions across the globe and throughout time.  The actual details and specific spiritual meanings are generally unique to each culture and ceremony.  One can say that whatever name it is called by, the practice connects and runs through endless cultures, religions, and belief systems that have been practiced throughout the millennia!

Modern science has proven that the aroma of sage increases the oxygen supply to the brain thus producing physical relaxation of muscle tension.  In addition, the smoke from herbs actually changes the molecular structure of air and energy, producing a cleansing effect.  Our sense of smell is connected very powerfully to memory and instinct, and the burning of different herbs has been found to be a very effective aroma-therapy agent, especially when combating feelings of depression, anger, fear, frustration, resentment, and grief.  The burning of herbs has also been used as a pesticide as well as a meat preserver.

When a smudging is performed, a smudge stick is used.  This is a bundle of specifically chosen dried herbs that are bound together with a string and is usually a little bigger than the palm of your hand.  Specific herbs are used according to the intention of the smudging.  Before performing a smudging, you should research the practice and have a better understanding of it prior to performing this sacred ritual.  To find out more about the herbs used, there is a lot of information on the internet or you can visit our page of 'friends' on our site and click on the link for Joseph Tittel, the spiritman.  He has a store link there also that will accomodate all of your needs.

Gettysburg, PA And Our Fascination With It

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   Some of you may have noticed that we at C.P.R. have somewhat of a fascination with Gettysburg, PA.  Allow us to explain why.  To begin with, the scenery and atmosphere is amazing and historical.  There is something for everyone to do while visiting there, from site seeing to visiting all of it's great shops, to great food, and of course there is the civil war history that is such a major component of our great country.  Every time we go, we find new places to explore new things to learn about, and this is why we go at least once a year.  For us, it is about a 2 1/2 hour drive and we go on a Friday morning until later on Sunday.  We try to jam in as much as we possibly can each time we go.

   The battle of Gettysburg (during the Civil War) was fought from July  1-3, 1863 in and around the quaint town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  For three days, a fierce battle raged in the country side between the North/Union and the South/Confederacy. This battle was a turning point in the Civil War, and the North came through victorious.  It was the Civil War's bloodiest battle and was also the inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln's immortal "Gettysburg Address". The battle involved around 85,000 men from the Union and around 75,000 men from the Confederacy.   It is estimated that approximately 569 tons of ammunition was fired during that three day battle.  The casualties reported were:  Union dead 3,155, wounded 14,529, missing 5,365 with a total of 23,049.  For the Confederacy: dead 3,903, wounded 18,735, missing 5,425 with a total of 28,063.  Along with the human carnage, there was also countless horses and mules that died during this battle.  Today, one can only imagine the ferocity of the battles, the complete terror, the volumes of the dead and dying that were left lying on the battle grounds, and the blood soaked ground.

   During the battle, the towns people were left to their own for safety.  They hid in basements, some fled their homes until after the battle and returned only to find their home destroyed or used as a field hospital.  Many of the women would make bread and feed the soldiers as well as tend to the thousands of wounded that were found in just about every home or building in and around their town.  Amazingly enough, only one civilian was killed during the battle, Mary Virginia Wade, who was staying at her sister's home in town to help after the birth of her sister's new born.  She was baking bread for the soldiers when a stray bullet passed through the door, striking and killing her immediately.  Following the battle, the towns people were also left to the grim task of burrying the dead.  The stench was unbearable and the summer heat only made it worse.  To this day, there are soldiers that were never recovered from their impromptu burial spot.

   As for our team, we like to visit new locations and re-visit some of the old; of course it involves a 'little' ghost hunting.  Some of our favorite spots that we have visitied are:  The Triangle Field, Devil's Den, Little Round Top, Iverson's Pits, The Slaughter Pen, The Railroad Cut and surrounding area, The Wade House, The Orphanage Basement and Sach's Covered Bridge just to name a few.  We have posted our still photographs on the pictures page and we currently working on putting together some of our evp evidence as well.  Each one of our team members have had their own personal experiences (heck, our rooms were even haunted) which just leaves us wanting more.  And now you know what our fascination with Gettysburg entails.  Take a weekend and visit and perhaps you will come home talking about your own personal experiences there, ghostly or not! 


How We Came To Be

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CPR began with a very diversified and great group of individuals. Some of us have lived our lives surrounded by the paranormal, some have had some paranormal experiences and some were non-believers whose interest became peaked and are now a part of the team. I would say that we are all healthy skeptics on a case by case basis. We know what we have all personally experienced and no one can take that away from us.

Initially, there was just a few of us that decided to go off on our own and begin investigating historical locations to feed our curiosity. Of course, that just led to a greater hunger to try and understand the unknown world of the paranormal. Some how one thing led to another and we found ourselves discussing the possibility of actually forming an official group and offer our services to the public. It was an exciting time and we looked forward to the possibilities. We were all level headed, curious, open minded, worked well together and we had a desire to help the living and the dead. Many times we had found ourselves in conversation about how terrible it must be for those spirits that had not moved on, existing in a timeless and confusing realm. We all attended church together and after throwing out about 100 name ideas, we decided up what brought us all together in the first place, thus, Christian Paranormal Research was born.

When we discussed what the purpose and goals of our team would be, we all agreed that we desired to attempt to help those spirits cross over and finally be at peace. We also wanted to be able to not only assist our clients in their time of need but to also give them and the public an awareness and better understanding of what might be taking place in our world. Being the optimists, we had to acknowledge that this would not always be an easy goal to reach, but one that we were ready and willing to work towards.

Each member of CPR has their own special gift that truly makes our team work extremely well together. Right away we all agreed that we did not believe in provoking or being cruel and ignorant. Most of what we would be dealing with had at one time been just as human as us. The rest of the time, when we find ourselves dealing with inhuman anomalies, the provoking or being cruel and ignorant would only be a detriment to our purpose and our safety. Our personalities really meld well together and that is why we are so successful.

At one point, we had found ourselves dealing with a case that involved the occult and demonology. We were not to proud to admit that this was beyond our ability and we found ourselves reaching out to another team, SPRE, that did specialize in this area for assistance, and have worked with this same group in another demonic haunting as well. We are willing to do whatever it might take to help our clients. We have found this to be a sort of calling and each step forward that we take, we find that we have an amazing team that blends very well together and we all are working towards the same purpose; finding the truth, whether it is paranormal or not.