Christian Paranormal Research

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About Us

 Christian Paranormal Research (CPR) is a not-for-profit, diversified and professional team of paranormal researchers and investigators.  We are based out of Levittown PA, but we do not limit ourselves to that region.    We are all Christians who believe in The Triune God and are guided by the Holy Spirit.  We do NOT discriminate against other belief systems, we are here to offer our assistance to everyone. 

     Our mission is to advance the field of paranormal research while assisting and educating our clients to help explain unusual occurrences in their homes, businesses and other locations.  We always respect the privacy of our clients and appreciate that they trust us to provide them honest and scientiific evidence-based opinions on their claims.  We provide each client any and all objective data and evidence collected during our investigations, and will attempt to exhaust all available methods to aid them in resolving their claims.

     Our approach in investigating the paranormal and reports of unusual activity is based in logic, objectivity and reason.  Before we label any activity as paranormal in nature, we follow a strict format:  attempting to debunk events by trying to duplicate and recreate each event; testing possible theories to explain any activity; carefully reviewing all data collected.  We will be open and honest with you and ask that when answering our questions, you be just as open and honest with us so that we have a better chance to assist you.

     We do not use or advise the use of ouija boards.  We also do not perform seances or use divining rods in any of our investigations.  We feel that the use of these items could open a way for anything to come through which could be dangerous.  We only use scientific methods to investigate all claims.

     We are a group of volunteers who do NOT charge a fee for our services.  We take on the cost of investigating your claims.  If we feel there is the need to bring in a professional psychic medium, there may be a fee for that person, but the decision is completelly up to you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us even if you just have some questions. 

Meet The Team

John Stewart - Co Founder of Christian Paranormal Research

                            Lead Investigator


                            Equipment Manager

                            Tech. Manager

Sandy Carra:  Co-Founder Christian Paranormal Research

                          Lead Investigator


                          Case & Research Manager

                          Network Administrator

Jullie Doran:   Lead Investigator


                          Assistant Case & Research Manager


Kathryn Stewart:  Investigator

                                          Specializes with Children

John Stewart, Jr:  Invqestigator

                               Assistant Tech. Manager

Dave Dugan:  Investigator

Melissa Neville:  Investigator


                               Assistant Case & Research Manager

Kathleen Ricca:  Investigator

Frank Carra, Jr:  Investigator


Danielle Neville:      Web Site Tech Asst.

                                   Video Tech

Betty "Mom" Gross:  Our investigation Helper from the Other Side

Known to everyone as "Mom,"she lived a life full of paranormal experiences and a true belief.  Unfortunately, Mom left us suddenly in 2008 after losing a tough battle with cancer.  We were advised by Psychic Medium Dorothy Welsh that she helps us from the other side, and we have actually captured her on audio and through a spirit box as well being our constant companion and eternal team mate.